Badass BBQ Team

Tom Norris began competing in competition BBQ contests in 1995 as a founding member of the Grillas BBQ Team.  In their 2nd year of competition the Grillas won the 1996 Jesse James BBQ Contest in Kearney, MO.  The Grillas have won some of the largest and most prestigious BBQ competitions in the country. 




To start the 2014 season, The Badass BBQ Team had 3 members that were new to competition BBQ.  Matt Brandmeyer was introduced to the BBQ circuit at the 2014 Platte City BBQ contest.  Clarence White is a Certified KCBS BBQ Judge and he joined the team at the 2014 Keepers of the Fire BBQ Contest at the Prairie Band Casino in Mayetta, KS. 

For our 2015 BBQ season, we have another new member joining the team.  Rusty Tuggle will compete in his 1st competition BBQ contest when the Badass BBQ Team competes in "The Best Dam BBQ Contest at Smithville Lake" in April. 

  • 2003 American Royal "Open BBQ Contest - 1st Place Brisket
  • 2003 American Royal "Open" BBQ Contest - Grand Champions
  • 2004 Jack Daniel's World Invitational BBQ - 1st Place Brisket
  • 2005 Great American BBQ "Invitational" - Grand Champions
  • 2007 Great American BBQ "Open" - Grand Champions
  • 2010 Great American BBQ "Open" - Reserve Grand Champions
  • Plus many other local and regional BBQ competitions

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The 2015 Badass Line-up Includes:

  • Tom Norris:  Pork and Brisket
  • Clarence White:  Chicken
  • Rusty Tuggle:  Ribs